Break The Mold

A New Journey

     I’m new to a lot of things- For one, blogging. I guess blogging is quite similar to keeping a diary, but rather than tucking it under your bed you share it with the world. I’m not sure if I’m ready to share my life with the world though, I have barely shared recent events in my life with my closest friends, let alone the entire social media world. 

I’m also a new business owner to Cotton Tail Clothing: A Mommy & Me clothing line and a (kind of) new Mommy. I left my pretty awesome job to stay at home full time. Starting a clothing line was a dream of mine for a while, but now I have even more of a drive to make it a reality. My son, Dylan, has the motor skills of a cheetah and the speech ability of a turtle. For the last 9 months Dylan has been seeing an early interventionist for Speech. We have seen progression, but also some regression. It wasn’t until recently that we had Dylan tested for Autism. I can remember every second of that day up until we received a positive diagnosis- and then blur. Nothing. 

That’s pretty much how I’ve felt for the last 3 months. Blank. Full of thousands of questions and thoughts but can’t seem to gather them enough to make sense of what’s happening. Trying to describe Autism is like trying to describe what the number 5 tastes like.... I’m channeling all of this feeling and emotion into Cotton Tail; Many of the designs are inspired by the all time I spend with my son and the beautiful way that his mind works (he is my co-owner). I am a Mom on a mission, to be strong for my son and get the early intervention and therapy that he needs, no matter how much time, effort, sweat & tears it takes. This, is the beginning of my journey.

Stay tuned to join the ride.


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